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    EDI Order Management Platform

    For businesses seeking a tool to automate sales and manage customers, marketplaces, retailers, distributors, and eCommerce platforms

    SBSA Technology cloud based platform is capable to automate your sales order processing. It provides extensive connectivity through both EDI and API with a vast network of partners, exceeding 350,000. This connectivity facilitates automated handling of sales orders originating from diverse sources, including customers, marketplaces, retailers, distributors, and e-commerce platforms. The streamlined process guarantees that record keeping remains synchronized across various accounting systems like QuickBooks, Xero, NetSuite, and more. Moreover, the integration extends to logistics partners, encompassing popular small package carriers such as UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS, as well as freight carriers for shipments weighing over 150 lbs. Overall, SBSA Technology offers a comprehensive solution for efficient connectivity and automation in sales order processing, record keeping, and logistics integration.
  • Stakeholder Management Software | Tractivity Icon
    Stakeholder Management Software | Tractivity

    Centralise your stakeholder data, manage relationships effectively and deliver improved outcomes

    With Tractivity's stakeholder management platform comes clarity from one system. Read more to find out how our cloud-based platform can help your stakeholder engagement and consultation projects. If improved stakeholder consultations and outcomes matter to your organisation, then we're here to help you engage, manage and deliver compelling insights and improved outcomes across your entire stakeholder landscape. When you engage with Tractivity you get access to the most up to date, relevant and practical tools to deliver impactful communications all from one system. Run successful engagement projects from start to finish with all the tools in one system. Our cloud-based platform helps you continually monitor your entire stakeholder landscape bringing the clarity you need. Our platform is designed to help you engage and capture every interaction. Tractivity gives you the tools to be creative, engaging, and to communicate your success.
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    Mail Alert Simple Mailer

    Mail Alert Simple Mailer

    Mail Alert Simple Mailer

    Mail Alert Simple Mailer is a simple command-line utility designed for IT administrators for sending e-mail from Microsoft Windows OS. It can be executed from command line, Windows batch file or PowerShell scripts. My main reason for writing this software was to handle events generated by Dell OpenManage Server Administrator (OMSA), APC PowerChute and Windows Events to send hardware status and alerts like temperature alerts, UPS battery status, powerline status and RAID controller alerts from...
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